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Original wedding ideas your friends haven’t heard about

Here are some fun new ideas that you can use to create a memorable wedding of your dreams.
Apr. 25, 2014 | By: The staff

It’s always fun to find ideas that aren’t old and worn out. Here are some fun new ideas that you can use to create a memorable wedding of your dreams.

Green Wedding
Choose only environmentally friendly vendors and products for your wedding. Use live trees for decoration that guests can take home with them as favours. Use recycled paper for place cards. Order invitations on seeded paper – guests can plant the paper invite to grow wildflowers in their own yards.

Duct Tape Wedding
Everything’s made from duct tape – really! Everything from table décor to the bridal gown and groom tuxedo are all made using actual duct tape. Different coloured tape is used to create a bridal bouquet.

Neon Colours
Neon is now being used in weddings. Try neon bright bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen shirts in bright colours. For added fun, try using glow in the dark neon.

Whimsical Wedding
Consider creating a whimsical wedding. Think about how you envisioned a fairy tale wedding when you were young and then make it come to life.

Charity Gift Giving Wedding
Instead of collecting gifts, the bride and groom provide special gift giving options to one of several well-chosen charities. Set up a charity event table at the reception that allows guests to fill out gift cards to various charitable organizations.

Tea Reception
 Have a tea party to start your reception. Set up tables with pretty cups and saucers and serve tea and cookies or crumpets. You can continue with a traditional wedding dinner as the night progresses.

Oldies Wedding
Have a throwback wedding to any era you like. Wear clothes from the period and play music that was popular during that time. Decorate using only items that would have been available then.

Coffee Bar
Provide a coffee bar for guests to enjoy their favourite cup of java. Hire a barrista to create coffee drinks with flair.

Royal Wedding
Recreate the royal wedding and make it your own. Decorate using a British theme and wear a designer knock-off Kate Middleton dress. Have your DJ speak with a British accent!

Cheese and Fruit Table
Add some elegance to your wedding with a cheese and fruit table. This is the perfect addition to your reception and is a great starter instead of serving appetizers. Be sure to mark the table clearly so people know what to do.

100 Layer Cake
This is a fun and unique idea. Instead of a standard cake, have your bakery make a 100 layer cake – tons of fun, lots of flavours!

Silent Auction
Add some charity to your wedding by creating a silent auction. Gather up some unique gifts and then have people bid on buying them. Proceeds are given to the charity of your choice.

Art Gallery Wedding
Have your wedding reception at a chic art gallery. The venue is the perfect backdrop for a fun and interesting celebration.

New Year’s Eve Wedding
There’s no better way to bring in the New Year than with a New Year’s Eve wedding! Combine both celebrations together for a fun-filled party.

Tapas Menu
Instead of a sit-down dinner try a Tapas bar instead. Offer banquet tables of appetizer sized portions for everyone to try – lots of fun!

Smoothie Bar
Set up a smoothie bar at your reception. Create a menu of several types of smoothies and allow guests to order their choice.

Cookie Table
Have a table set up just for cookies. Offer plates and plates of various cookies in fun shapes. Think about having bride and groom cookies complete with your names on them. Guests can take the cookies home as favours.

Scrabble Game
Provide scrabble trays and letters on tables for guests to play with. Guests love to make up words as they mingle with friends.

Wedding Decorated Cake Pops
Offer guests fancy cake pops decorated as brides and grooms. Put the cute pops in displays where people can grab one to take with.

Wedding Drinks
Create a special drink just for your wedding. Give it a name that incorporates both the name of the bride and groom and then offer it as a before-dinner drink for guests. Make sure it’s cute, colourful, and tasty.

Bee My Honey Wedding
A country themed wedding can incorporate a bee theme. Use honeycombs and give out jars of locally grown honey as favours for guests.

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