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Pre-wedding winter hair tips

Winter can take its toll on your hair and you certainly don’t want your hair to look dry or dull for your wedding.
Dec. 4, 2013 | By: The staff

Your winter wedding is coming up and there are some things you can do to make sure that your hair stays in shape. Winter can take its toll on your hair and you certainly don’t want your hair to look dry or dull for your wedding. You need to take some steps to counteract the rough winter weather and you need to start as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute try some of these important winter hair tips.

Hydrate – Winter brings dry weather and indoor heat that creates a dry atmosphere for your skin and hair. Your hair can become dry and dull without some extra help. The best thing to do is to hydrate your hair. Use a good quality conditioner every time you shampoo.

Wash your hair less often in winter - Your hair will protect itself from becoming too dry with oil; however, washing your hair removes this protective layer. In winter you may want to consider washing your hair less often. It’s fine for your hair to wash it every other day or even every few days in winter.

Moisturize – In winter you’ll want to add some special moisture to your hair. Try using a weekly conditioning treatment. Special conditioners are designed to be used on a weekly basis. A hot oil treatment is perfect for helping your locks get the moisture they need to stay healthy. Also, stay-in conditioners are helpful for locking moisture into the hair.

Scalp Treatments – Winter drying tends to bring on bouts of flaking and itching. If you succumb to winter dandruff take care to moisturize not only your hair, but also your scalp. Special scalp conditioning treatments are available to add more moisture to your scalp to eliminate flaking.

Eliminate flyaways – Winter dryness can make your hair susceptible to static electricity. Avoid the flyaways by using spray or massage-in treatments that help your hair retain moisture. There are many options available at your local druggist.

Use hair treatments – Don’t use your hairdryer or straightening iron without first spraying in a moisture treatment. These potions are designed to reduce the ill effects that using heat will have on your locks.

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