wacky wedding themes

Wacky wedding themes

These offbeat and sometimes wacky wedding themes can actually make for a fun and memorable event.
Mar. 7, 2014 | By: The idoo.ca staff

Today, many couples want to have a unique and interesting wedding by making it a themed wedding. These offbeat and sometimes wacky wedding themes can actually make for a fun and memorable event. Whatever you do, if you’re going to choose a crazy wedding theme you need to commit to it. Taking it on only halfway will result in a fail. Take your theme over the top by including all your guests in on the action and making the décor awesome. Think about some of these fun themes or come up with your own ideas by doing some brainstorming.

Vampires – The popularity of the Twilight series has made the vampire theme one to consider. If you like something completely different, this is certainly in the running. Each of your wedding party can dress in the appropriate costume. Add fake vampire teeth for the photos and you’re all set. Take this theme as bloody or keep it as tame as you like.

Go Back in Time – To a time that is interesting to you. Then, dress as the two main characters of the period. Think about couples who were romantic yet had an interesting edge to them. One example would be Antony and Cleopatra. Another, would be Bonnie and Clyde. If you are interested in the civil war, consider a civil war themed wedding. No matter what your choice, make it as authentic as possible by reading up about it in history books and online.

Cartoon Characters – Choose your favourite cartoon characters and reenact them for your wedding. You may also want to think about dressing as superheroes or comic book characters. Give each person in the wedding party a part to play and give them ideas for how to dress. (or purchase or rent costumes for the wedding party)

Barbie theme – If you are a Barbie lover, think about creating a Barbie wedding.  Assign each of your bridal party a character. If you run out of characters simply make them up and write a description for how that character looks and acts. Other themes that are similar include “Hello Kitty” and “Strawberry Shortcake”.

Pirate Ship – If you and your fiancé enjoy pirates, think about a pirate ship theme. Dress in traditional pirate attire and provide costumes for each of your wedding party. Give them each a part to play in the theme wedding. Have your guests join in the fun by coming in costume as well.

The idoo.ca staff.