wedding planning with groom's mother

How to get the groom’s mother involved in the wedding planning

The groom’s mother is an important part of the wedding and should be involved in the wedding planning process.
May 23, 2014 | By: The staff

Planning the wedding has traditionally been left up to the bride and her family. However, today’s bride and groom often break from traditional roles and prefer to include the whole family in the planning process. The groom’s mother is an important part of the wedding and should be involved in the wedding planning process. It may be difficult to get the groom’s mom included. The best way to involve others in the planning process is to first sit down and think about the roles that you would like each person to take on. Then, determine some of the possible involvement that each person can have.

With this information ready you can then ask your soon-to-be mother-in-law if she would like to be involved. Sometimes the groom’s mom may feel out of place or may think she isn’t wanted in the planning process. If this isn’t the case you simply need to discuss your wedding plans with her and ask for her involvement. If you have some things you’d like her to do, consider asking if she would like to help with these specific tasks.

Since you’re soon going to be one big happy family, you’ll want to start including the groom’s mom in some of the important wedding details. For example, a trip to the wedding dress boutique typically includes the bridesmaids and the bride’s mom. If you would like, ask your mother-in-law to join in as well. This will get her more familiar with your friends and family and gives her a voice in the wedding plans. She’ll also be able to talk about the style and colour of the mother’s dresses.

Some other ways to involve the groom’s mother is to show her some of the options you’re looking at for the various services of your wedding. Allow her to give you some input, however, be aware that you may not get the answers you agree with. Keep in mind that you can simply show her the choices you’ve made and you can certainly decide which options you prefer, even if they aren’t the same as her choices. Some areas to include her may be with choosing a photographer, bakery, caterer, venue, church, and music.

Traditionally, the groom’s parents will pay for the rehearsal dinner. They may also offer to pay for other parts of your wedding as well. When planning your wedding don’t expect payment on anything. Instead, simply bring the rehearsal dinner planning to her attention. This is an area that you two can plan together by choosing the location and time as well as deciding who will attend. By keeping the groom’s mother involved in your wedding plans she’ll feel more a part of the event. The groom’s parents will certainly fit in better with your own family and you’ll enjoy a nice beginning to your marriage.

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