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Bridal lingerie guide

One of the things that brides sometimes overlook is the need for special bridal lingerie.
Mar. 19, 2014 | By: The staff

You’ll need underpinnings that properly work with your wedding gown as well as any clothing that you change into at the reception. You’ll also need to think about lingerie needed for your honeymoon as well as special lingerie for your wedding night. Lingerie can be an expensive item but one that is certainly necessary for every bride. Before choosing lingerie, make sure that you have your wedding dress available so you can choose the correct garments to wear underneath.

The word lingerie has French origins and means women’s intimate apparel. Since this was typically made of fine linen, the word lingerie comes from this word. When choosing your lingerie make a list of the intimate items that you’ll need. A lace bra with sufficient support will help to make your wedding gown fit properly and look its best. You may choose to match the colour of the bra to your skin tone or to the colour of your wedding dress. For example, if your dress is off-white, choose off-white lingerie with it so it will blend seamlessly.

Underwear is another lingerie item that you’ll need to purchase for your wedding. Some dresses can show panty lines so it’s important to choose lingerie that won’t show through. Some brides prefer to wear lace thongs since they won’t create panty lines. Keep in mind, however, that your underwear could be in danger of being seen when the groom removes your garter, so choose wisely. Some brides include a garter belt in addition to underwear. These days, most brides don’t wear stockings, but if you want to wear them you can use the garter belt to secure them.

You’ll also need to purchase sexy lingerie for your wedding night. If you were lucky enough to have a personal wedding shower you may have received some pretty options. A nice choice that never goes out of style is the lingerie set. This includes a top and panties as well as a matching robe. Choose material that is lacy and sheer. This set is designed specifically for the wedding night so you definitely want something sexy! When choosing lingerie always try it on ahead of time to make sure that it fits properly. Store your lingerie in a box with tissue paper so that it remains in good condition until you need it.

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