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Wedding cake alternatives

While some brides still prefer the traditional wedding cake, many others want different options to pick from.
Apr. 7, 2014 | By: The staff

The wedding cake is a tradition that has been part of the wedding celebration for many years. For quite a few years couples chose simple round layers frosted with white frosting and topped with a bride and groom. Today, the trend is to choose from many different wedding cake alternatives. While some brides still prefer the traditional round layer wedding cake, many others want different options to pick from. Here are some of the most popular new trends in wedding cake alternatives.

A very popular trend in wedding cake alternatives is having cupcakes. Cupcakes are fun and interesting. You can choose several or more flavours and variations to allow guests to pick the ones they like the best. Cupcakes are usually set up on special stands in order to properly display them. The couple also usually buys a wedding topper (the top layer of a traditional cake) where the bride and groom will be displayed. The top of the cake is frozen by the couple and eaten on the first wedding anniversary for good luck. Because the cupcakes are already in perfect portion sizes there is no need to have anyone cut them as you need to do with a cake. This can actually help to lower the price of the cake.

Cake Pops
Cake pops are another delicious alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Wedding pops are easy for guests to eat because they are on sticks. As with cupcakes, the cake pops can be easily made in various flavours and dipped in frosting and edible glitter to give them a fancy appearance. Cake pops can be displayed on pedestals or by sticking them into decorated Styrofoam forms. Like cupcakes, cake pops are easy to serve because they are already in individual servings. Guest can simply take one from the cake table.

Sweets Table
Another option that is different than having a traditional wedding cake is to have a sweets table. The sweets table may contain a large variety of different desserts so there is something for everyone. People can go up to the table throughout the reception to snack on a scrumptious dessert. Your caterer can supply items for your sweets table or you can order a variety from your local bakery. If you have a family recipe that you can’t live without you can ask your relative to bake them for your sweets table. Just supply some decorations for the table along with some plates and napkins and you’re all set.

Chocolate Fountain
One of the hottest trends these days is to have a chocolate fountain. Place the fountain on a table and provide plenty of bite-sized foods on sticks. Guests can choose their favorite items to hold under the chocolate, making them really delicious and fun to eat. Some good items for dipping in the fountain include small cubes of cake, sliced bananas, and almost any type of fruit. Many brides add a chocolate fountain in addition to a small traditional wedding cake.

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