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Top 10 popular wedding themes

You can choose a theme that best suits you and your groom.
Oct. 26, 2012 | By: The idoo.ca staff

Planning your wedding is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is the wedding theme. There are many different wedding themes out there. You can choose a theme that best suits you and your groom. Here are the top 10 wedding themes.

1. Shabby Chic – This is a beautiful and romantic theme that brings back memories of simpler times. It’s also easy to do because you can use lots of flea market finds to add to the ambiance.

2. Candy – Edible fun is the centre of this wedding theme. Use bouquets of colourful candy lollipops as centrepieces and add a cotton candy station for a lively and whimsical theme.

3. Beach – You don’t need to get married at the ocean to enjoy a beach themed wedding. Use sand and shell centerpieces and add plenty of candles and sea-coloured drinks to complete the look.

4. Butterflies – Some people think butterflies bring good luck. It’s easy to find plenty of butterfly items so use them all over the tables and centrepieces to create a pretty look. Be sure to add some silk butterflies to each bridesmaid bouquet.

5. Roses – Roses are a universal symbol of enduring love. Use a rose theme to portray your love for each other. Red symbolizes love but you can use any color that you prefer.

6. Country – Try an upscale country theme by using wood, saddles, boots, and cowboy hats to decorate around the reception venue. There are many different ways to use this theme to make it your own.

7. Tropical – Think of being on a Caribbean island and you’ve got the basis for this casual theme. Add some palm trees, candles, shells, and a parrot or two and the theme is ready to go.

8. Stars – Twinkle lights and stars everywhere are the setting for this pretty theme. Add stars to everything to make the place sparkle. Use the names of different stars for the reception tables and use star shaped ornaments hung from the ceiling to add dimension.

9. Angels – Angels are supposed to watch over us so this gentle theme is perfect for a wedding. You can find angel figures on almost every type of décor, making it easy to create a recognizable theme.

10. Sports – If both the bride and groom are dedicated to a specific sport, why not use this as the theme for your wedding? You can glam it up if you like by mixing sports-related gear with lace, tulle, and candles for a special look.

The idoo.ca staff.