prewedding dress care

Wedding dress care: Pre-wedding

Here are some tips to make certain that your dress is ready for you.
Jul 2, 2014 | By: The staff

Your wedding day is approaching and you’ve picked up your wedding gown. How do you make sure that it stays in perfect condition before your wedding day? This is one of the most important dresses, if not the most important dress that you’ll ever wear in your lifetime. So how do you ensure that it is ready for your wedding day? Here are some tips to make certain that your dress is ready for you.

• Hang the dress properly. A wedding dress needs to be hung on a high enough hook so that the dress does not touch the ground. If the dress is hung too low the bottom will scrunch up and cause the dress to wrinkle.

• Let the dress have plenty of room. If the dress came in a dress bag you’ll want to remove it from the bag and hang it up. The bag itself can be quite constrictive and will cause the dress to buckle and wrinkle unnaturally.

• Keep the dress in a special location where there are clean and sanitary conditions. Don’t allow pets in the room and, of course, no smoking. If the room has any particular odours (such as a musty smell) do not leave the dress there.

• Don’t hang the dress where sunlight can get to it. Sunlight can damage the delicate fabric and can even discolour some types of fabric and lace.

• Be sure the dress is hanging properly on the hanger. If the dress is strapless it will have small clear or fabric ribbon straps for hanging it.

• Use the right type of hanger. Wedding dresses are usually very heavy so you’ll want to use a very sturdy hanger. A wooden hanger is often the best. However, make sure that you cover the hanger with foam or fabric so it doesn’t damage the dress.

• If your dress has a train be sure to properly hang the train so that it has the fewest wrinkles.

• Get a small fabric steamer and have it available for your wedding day. First thing in the morning, remove the dress from the closet or hook and examine it for any wrinkles. Be sure to use a low setting on delicate fabrics so that you don’t melt any lace or ruin the dress.

• If the dress has tulle underpinning it is usually best to remove it while storing the dress prior to the wedding.

• Allow enough time to get dressed in your wedding gown so that any last minute adjustments can be made.

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