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Waxing 101

One of the best ways to remove hair before your wedding is by waxing.
Mar. 5, 2014 | By: The idoo.ca staff

Preparing for the wedding day is one of the most important things a bride will do. Preparation includes getting your hair done, having your makeup applied, and ensuring that excess hair is removed. One of the best ways to remove hair before your wedding is by waxing. Waxing can be done to your legs and underarms as well as to your personal areas. Here are some important tips for brides to learn about waxing.

First, decide which areas you want to wax. Waxing removes hair much better and for a longer time than shaving. You can choose to wax all the areas of your body that need hair removed or just some of them. If you’ll be wearing a sleeveless wedding gown you’ll certainly want to wax your underarms before you walk down the aisle.

• Waxing should be done no sooner than two days prior to your wedding. The use of wax can make the skin red or blotchy for a day or two after the procedure. To ensure that you maintain a clean look, be sure to have the waxing done a couple of days ahead of the wedding.

• Unlike shaving, hair doesn’t grow back as quickly after waxing. Keep this in mind when scheduling a waxing appointment.

• Waxing your arms and legs is relatively easy and something that you may be able to do yourself. If you do choose to wax at home be sure to try it out several months ahead of time. This will help make certain that you know how to wax and that you won’t run into problems later on.

• Waxing works best when there is some hair to be pulled out. Waxing actually pulls hair out by its roots. If you try to use wax on tiny short hairs it won’t work very well. Try to grow out your hair to about a quarter of an inch before waxing.

• Avoid red, irritated skin by applying some powder to the skin before waxing. This helps keep the wax from sticking too much to the skin itself, which can be irritating.

• Exfoliate the skin before you wax. Exfoliation will get rid of any dry, flaking skin that can make it more difficult when waxing.

• Apply moisturizer to the areas after waxing. If you tend to have irritated skin, use aloe to help reduce redness or irritation.

• If waxing at home, try different products to find the one that you like the best. Microwave wax is an improvement over other types and is easy to control.

• Make sure that you have all the supplies you need before you get started. This includes enough wax, an application stick, and removal strips. The last thing you want to do is run out of wax with only one leg completed!

• Allow enough time for at-home waxing. Waxing at home can be a rather long process. Avoid getting frustrated by planning on waxing only one part of the body at a time.

• Schedule a professional waxing appointment well ahead of time. Salons can get extremely busy, especially when the weather is warm and everyone wants to get waxed. Most salons only have one or two people performing waxing so you’ll need to get on their calendar in advance.

• Plan on having your brows and any other facial hair professionally waxed. These areas can be delicate and are difficult to take care of on your own. Again, allow several days prior to your wedding to ensure that any redness is gone.

The idoo.ca staff.