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Keeping the weight off after the wedding

Now is the time to start setting good habits that will follow you throughout your married life.
Jul 23, 2014 | By: The staff

Now that the wedding is over, the pressure is off and the weight may start to come on. It is completely natural to feel more comfortable now that the wedding is over. There is no more anxiety in striving to fit into your wedding gown. Instead, you may feel that you got through the difficult process and now you deserve to eat what you want. It is important that you try to curb these feelings. Think about preparing and eating healthy meals for you and your spouse now that you’re married. Now is the time to start setting good habits that will follow you throughout your married life.

Eating Healthy
Eat meals that are healthier. Cut out or reduce your intake of fast foods that are fried, fatty, or salty. If you usually go out to lunch consider bringing your lunch instead. A healthy salad is a perfect option for a nutritious lunch.  Take time to plan meals for the week so that you always have time to cook a fresh meal when you get home from work. When planning meals you should keep in mind the nutrition value as well as the calories. With so many cooking instruction programs available you can easily find plenty of ideas that you can use.

Stay Active
It is a good idea to get into a regular exercise routine. Not only will it help improve your spirit but a good workout also helps you stay trim. Purchase a treadmill, stair stepper, or elliptical so you can exercise at home or join a gym together as a couple. Another good option is to take exercise classes through a local fitness program. If you prefer, purchase an exercise DVD that you can use in your home. A walking program is also a good option and is something that can be done together. No matter what you choose, make an effort to exercise several times per week.

Eat Smaller Portions
Now that you’re cooking for your new family you’ll want to set the right tone. Portion control is a good way to make sure that you don’t overeat. Eating smaller portions is also better for your metabolism and for your overall health. Try using smaller sized plates so it will look as though you’re eating more than you actually are. Drink plenty of water, which also acts to help curb your appetite. Don’t skip breakfast – a recent study found that those who skip this important meal are actually more prone to gaining weight. Setting good habits today will set the standard for keeping a lifelong healthy weight.

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