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Top questions to ask before booking your reception venue

If you do your homework and ask the right questions, you’ll be equipped to make the decision and be happy with it.
Jun 23, 2014 | By: The staff

Choosing the venue for your wedding reception is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you do your homework and ask the right questions, you’ll be equipped to make this decision and be happy with it. As you start your search you’ll want to first determine your available budget. It can be difficult to compare the prices of venues because of package deals that can vary greatly from place to place. To start with, eliminate any locations that are totally out of your price range. Once you have limited your list to fewer than ten venues visit each one and ask the important questions listed here to help you make the best choice possible.

All too many brides have been suddenly surprised by something unexpected about their wedding reception venue. At that point it’s too late to argue and you’ll end up having to pay extra for whatever it is you have forgotten. To make it easier, bring a checklist to each of the venues and take plenty of notes because you’ll easily get the different locations confused. When visiting the site try to take several photos so you can refer to them later on. When choosing your venue be sure that everything is agreed to in writing.

  • What are the available dates and times in our range of possible options?
  • How many people can be accommodated at this venue?
  • What is the cost per person- what are the various menu options and pricing?
  • Is a Champaign toast included?
  • Is there an open bar? If so, what is the cost? How long does the open bar run?
  • What is the cancelation policy?
  • What is the length of time available for the reception?  What time do you require guests to leave?
  • Do you offer cake services?
  • Are waiters included in the prices?
  • What time can we come to set up the decorations?
  • Is there a coat check available?
  • What is included in the pricing?  What is extra?
  • What are the choices for table size and setup?
  • Are any renovations being planned for this time frame?
  • When do we need to come back to remove the décor?
  • Is the location air-conditioned?
  • If there is an outdoor area, what is the restriction on its use? Is there lighting outdoors? Are there tables or benches for outdoor seating?
  • What is the size of the dance floor? Where does the DJ setup? Are there built-in speakers and mic system?
  • Can I use my own caterer or do I need to use yours?
  • What are the extra fees? (such as cake cutting fee, etc)
  • What is the parking like?
  • Are there overnight accommodations located nearby?

The staff.