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How to choose your first dance song

This is a song that should be specially chosen because of its special meaning to you both.
Jul 7, 2014 | By: The staff

The first dance is the most important dance of your wedding so it’s no surprise that you want to make sure it is special. While the DJ will be playing a large selection of songs for several or more hours, the only song that really matters to the bride and groom is the first dance song. This is a song that should be specially chosen because of its special meaning to you both. The trend today is to have a choreographed first dance. This is not necessary but is a fun addition if it fits with the personalities of the bride and groom. The first dance song, traditionally, is a slow song that allows the new couple to dance close to each other. Then, as the dance progresses, the couple’s parents and then wedding party are added to the mix.

You’ll want the first dance to be a memorable song because in many ways it may become “your song” as you go through your new life together. If you already have a song that you both love or think of as your own, use that song for your first dance. Some couples like to incorporate a song from a group that they both really enjoy. This can be a great way to add some of your own individuality into the wedding reception. Some couples spend days or even weeks sorting through songs for the first dance. With today’s easy access to almost every song ever performed, the choices can be somewhat overwhelming.

Some couples like to use a traditional song as their first dance tune. If your parents had a special song this is a nice way to include their love into your own special day. This is a nice way to start a new tradition that can be carried on with your own children someday. The song should be one that you’ll be comfortable dancing to. If it’s too fast or too slow you’ll have an awkward first dance – remember – all eyes will be on you for this first dance. Of course, practice makes perfect. If you want to have a smooth first dance spend some time before the wedding practicing. If you’re not very good dancers, consider taking a few dance lessons to make sure that you can perform the basic steps.

The first dance is something special to both you and your guests. For your parents, it’s also a very emotional time. Try to be respectful when choosing the first dance song. Avoid loud, annoying songs or songs that have questionable lyrics. These types of songs are best left to another party on another day. The first dance song doesn’t need to be sappy, though. If you like, add some humour to the dance by adding some of your own special dance steps into the routine. Most of all, choose the song that you’ll both feel happiest dancing to, especially in front of a room of guests.

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