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How to choose creative wedding transportation

There are many options when it comes to transportation.
Jun 9, 2014 | By: The staff

Part of the wedding planning process includes transportation details. You and your groom as well as the bridal party need to get to and from the church and reception. There are many options when it comes to transportation. The first thing to do is determine your transportation needs. Do you want to supply transportation for the entire wedding party or just for the bride and groom? Will you need to stop at any locations to take pictures between the wedding and the reception? Do you want to provide transportation to the church? What type of transportation, if any, is required for leaving the reception? Once you have an idea of what you need you can go on to think about some fun and creative ideas.

Limo – This is the traditional choice for many couples. You can choose a standard limo, a stretch limo, or a specialty limo. Some large limos are able to provide transportation for 15 or more people so you can fit your entire bridal party in one car. Limos are available in black or white as well as in many other colour options. You can decorate the limo with flowers and signs for a fun way to personalize the ride.

Horse carriage – This is a magical and romantic option for wedding transportation. If you live in an area that allows this type of transportation you will certainly want to consider it. The horse and carriage is specifically for the bride and groom alone. What a wonderful photo opportunity it would make to have the happy couple drive off in a horse drawn carriage. If the two of you are horseback riders you can even opt for a ride directly on a horse.

Vintage Ride - Can’t afford a limo? Consider other creative options. If a friend or relative owns an antique car, consider asking them to provide transportation for the bride and groom. A vintage auto is a great way to draw attention to yourself and it makes for great photos as well. Keep in mind that the vintage vehicle option is designed for a couple and won’t accommodate your entire wedding party.

Motorcycles – If you and your fiancé are motorcycle enthusiasts you can opt to ride out on a motorcycle. Decorate the bike with a “just married” sign and add a spray of tin cans to the back for effect. Be sure to wear helmets for safety – you can get matching ones in either white or black. Practice riding ahead of time. You’ll need to gather and protect your dress so it doesn’t get caught or drag on the ground.

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