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How to honour people who have passed

There are many different ways to bring the memory of someone you love with you to your wedding day.
Jan. 24, 2014 | By: The staff

It’s only natural to want to include those who have passed in your wedding celebration. There are many different ways to bring the memory of someone you love with you to your wedding day. Whatever you choose, make sure to keep it small and tasteful. You certainly don’t want people to be sad about your loved one rather than happy for your wedding. Get creative and think of fun ways that you can make sure that your loved one is there to see you through on your important day.

Photos – A special way to include a loved one in your special day is with photos. A photo board or collage is an excellent way to feel as though the person is with you. Prepare a board with your favourite photos of your loved one and then display it on an easel near the festivities. If you prefer a smaller tribute, include a little photo in a frame that you can display on one of the reception tables. You can place it on the sweets table or cake table, or you can place it in any special location.

Carry something down the aisle – When you carry something from someone you love with you as you get married it holds a secret meaning to you. The item could be a tiny photo in a locket, a pair of earrings from your loved one, or a small item pinned into your wedding gown. You can get creative with your choices. Simply think of something near and dear to you that reminds you of the person and utilize it on your wedding day.

Toast – A special toast or a poem is a good way to honour a loved one. It doesn’t need to be long or elaborate. A simple poem or toast will certainly get everyone’s thoughts on the special loved one, yet won’t bring down the spirit of the event. When choosing a poem try to keep it uplifting. You can recite the words yourself or you can pick a loved one to deliver it.

Dedicate a dance or song – Your loved one may have had a favourite song and you can use that as a way to honour that person. Choose a special song and you can also opt to have the DJ announce the dedication. This makes the moment even more memorable.

Table Decor – Use a special flower in the table flower arrangements to commemorate and symbolize your loved one. For example, choose a daisy to represent a loved one and then include one in each of the floral arrangements. You can choose whatever flower reminds you of your lost loved one.

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