planning a second wedding

Best tips for a 2nd wedding

With second weddings becoming widespread, people want to know what is appropriate for planning this type of event.
Jan. 10, 2014 | By: The staff

Today, second weddings are quite common. Traditionally, first weddings are more elaborate while second weddings are more subdued. With 2nd weddings becoming widespread, people want to know what is appropriate for planning this type of ceremony and reception. Here are the top tips for 2nd weddings.

1. Treat the wedding as you would a first wedding. There is no need to reduce your standards just because you’re getting married again. Treat your wedding with the importance you would for any first marriage.
2. Some people think it’s best for second-time brides to wear off-white or other colours for their wedding gowns. These days, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear white no matter what number wedding you’re having.

3. If you’re an older bride and groom you may want to have a more informal event. Think about a more simple ceremony, possibly at your home or at another location. You’ve already been through a large wedding so you may be willing to forego some of the formalities.

4. Think about having fun. Most second-time brides and grooms have more fun at their weddings because they aren’t as nervous and stressed about them. Think of the reception as more of a party and create a fun, good time for you and your guests to enjoy.

5. Don’t expect presents. Some second-timers are afraid of having a large affair because they don’t want their friends and family members feeling the need to give another gift. After all, they gave a gift the first time. You can avoid this by creating a narrow registry that includes some creative options such as charity organizations.

6. Make the second wedding smaller. A more intimate wedding is more appropriate for a second time around. Don’t feel the need to invite all the people on the outskirts of your life and instead focus on a smaller celebration with a group of more important friends and family.

7. Include children. Many second marriage brides and grooms have children from first marriages. It is a good idea to try to include the children in the ceremony and the reception whenever possible. This helps to create a better family feeling and offers good will to everyone.

8. Don’t skip the majour traditions. Some second brides and grooms are hesitant to take on all the wedding traditions that are so common with first marriages. Go ahead and get the cake, have the first dance, and have a bubbly toast. You’ll be sorry if you don’t!

9. Be sure to take photos. Hire a professional photographer or videographer to capture the wedding. You want to be sure to have mementos of your wedding day.

10. Don’t Skimp – If you’re able to afford a full wedding with all the bells and whistles, why not go for it? Don’t worry about it being your second wedding. Instead, have fun and enjoy the fact that you can afford some of the luxuries you weren’t able to the first time around.

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