choosing bridesmaid dresses

Tips for deciding on what your bridesmaids will wear

There are many considerations for bridesmaid dresses that you can think about.
May 21, 2014 | By: The staff

Choosing bridesmaid dresses is one of the hardest decisions you’ll need to make. The reason it’s such a big decision is that it affects not only you but all of your wedding party as well. You’ll need to choose the colour that you want for the dresses – that’s the first choice you have to make. Once you have a colour determined you need to find dresses that you like and that your bridesmaids will like. There are many considerations for bridesmaid dresses that you can think about.

Keep it Wearable
The number one complaint from former bridesmaids is that the dress is expensive yet can’t be worn again. You can avoid this complaint by choosing a dress style that doesn’t look strictly like wedding attire. Another tip is to consider street length dresses rather than floor-length dresses. The trend right now seems to be for shorted styles so you should be able to find a good selection. If you do choose long dresses think about picking a style that could be shortened and worn again. Think about dress styles that are traditional and timeless rather than trendy. This will help keep them more wearable in the future.

Choose a Good Colour
The colour scheme of the wedding is entirely up to you. When picking the colours you should keep your bridesmaids in mind. Some bridesmaids won’t look good in certain colours so you should consider this when choosing your colours. Avoid bright or deep hues because they won’t be able to be worn again. If you like, get some input from your bridesmaids, however, remember that the final choice is up to you and you aren’t always going to be able to please everyone.

Make the Style Simple
A simple dress style has an elegant look. It also looks good on almost all body types. Keep in mind that you may have bridesmaids of varying sizes and shapes. When you look at bridal magazines you typically see bridesmaid dresses on tall, thin, models. They make all the dresses look good! Remember that your bridesmaids are real women with real body types and bear that in mind when you choose a style. You also want to be sure that the dress is comfortable for the wedding and reception. Your bridesmaids certainly don’t want to be uncomfortable or constantly need to readjust their dresses throughout the day.

Consider Different Fashions
One good way to get around the problem of different shaped bridesmaids is to allow each one to choose a style that suits them best. You choose the colour and they can pick from a selection of styles in that exact colour. The result is a wonderful eclectic look that is held together by utilizing the exact same colour. To keep control of the situation you can review the options ahead of time and make a list of those that you prefer. Then, allow your bridesmaids to choose the style they like the best.

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