bright smile for your wedding

How to make your smile brighter for your wedding

Even a well-maintained smile can use some improvement when it comes to brightness
Jan. 22, 2014 | By: The staff

Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding. One thing that you may not give much thought to is your smile. You certainly want to make sure that your teeth are as white and bright as possible for your big day. Keep in mind if you’re wearing a white wedding gown that your teeth may look dingy or yellow compared to the dress. Even a well-maintained smile can use some improvement when it comes to brightness. You have some options when it comes to brightening your smile for your wedding.

Make a Dental Appointment
Dental appointments are often necessary months in advance, especially when you’re getting cosmetic work done, such as a cleaning or whitening. Be sure to schedule an appointment in plenty of time for your wedding. You will want to make sure that you’ll have time to get any potential problems resolved first and then still have time to have your teeth whitened. Consult your dentist to learn what the recommendation is for handling teeth whitening prior to your wedding. Then, make an appointment so you’ll be sure that you have the time necessary to complete any treatments you need.

Professional Teeth Whitening
Professional teeth whitening is an option that is available to you. The professional process is done using strong whitening gel and a bright light treatment. Typically, you will need about two treatments to get the most out of the whitening. The major disadvantage to professional teeth whitening is the cost associated with it. However, the price has been going down considerably and is well worth the expense to have a clean, bright smile for your wedding day. After a professional treatment you’ll often be given special products you can use at home. Have your teeth whitened about a week or two before your wedding.

Do it Yourself
There are many different home kits available on the market to whiten teeth. These are specially designed for those who don’t need as much whitening as a professional treatment or who don’t want to pay too much. The kits work similarly to professional whitening but usually these products that aren’t as strong. Because of this, the results will not be as good as those that you’ll get at the dentist. However, if you have clean, white teeth and simply need a quick touch-up, an at-home whitening kit is a good option.

Plan Ahead
Whatever course of action you choose it is best to plan it well in advance of your wedding. If you’re going to use a home whitening kit you may want to try it out several months ahead of time to see the results. If you’re going to your dentist for professional cleaning and whitening be sure to schedule an appointment well ahead of your wedding. Be sure to take care not to eat or drink foods that could stain your teeth after having had them treated. If you have poor teeth you may need to get veneers. Veneers are permanent tooth coverings that can eliminate gaps and chips and make your smile whiter. These can take time to get so you’ll need to plan way ahead. Visit your dentist about six months prior to your wedding to consult with him about your plan for creating a bright smile for your special day.

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