how to avoid tripping down the aisle

Don’t trip down the aisle!

10 Tips for trip-proofing your bridal walk.
Feb. 28, 2014 | By: The staff

One of the worst nightmares a bride can have is the thought of tripping as she walks down the aisle. This is a real fear but one that you can overcome. Don’t trip down the aisle. Use these easy tips to have a perfect wedding ceremony.

Practice Makes Perfect – Practice walking with your shoes on. Your wedding shoes are sometimes a higher heel and a different type of shoe than you’re used to wearing. To make sure you can walk with your shoes on, try wearing them while walking around the house. The more you walk in them the more comfortable you’ll feel and the more you’ll be used to them.

Flats – If you’re concerned about wearing heels, think about flats. Flats are a good option for those who are tall enough to pull it off. When you wear flats you’ll be less likely to trip or fall and can have a more normal walk down the aisle without the worry that heels bring.

Walk Slowly – You use a special walk to go down the aisle. It should be slowly paced because all eyes are on you as you make your way to the altar. The runner provides a different surface than one you may be used to so taking it slowly will help you keep your footing.

Don’t Over-think It – Don’t look down and don’t over-think the walk down the aisle. Instead, look up and out into the crowd of guests. Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of you so don’t disappoint them. Keep your mind on looking out and ahead.

Walk at Your Own Pace (don’t try to walk to the music) – Don’t try to follow the pace of any music that may be playing. It will only get you out of step and that can lead to trouble.

Don’t Look Down – Keeping your head down will focus your attention on your feet and that can lead to tripping. Don’t worry about walking because it comes naturally and you’ll be fine.

SMILE – Instead of focusing on your feet, keep your mind on your smile. Show your friends and family how happy you are on this special day in your life. 

Hang onto a MANTRA – If you’re nervous, as most brides are, practice a mantra. A mantra is a simple word or phrase that gives you confidence and keeps your focus away from your feet.

Make sure your dress won’t trip you up – Your dress should be tailored properly to allow you to walk well without tripping. When you get the dress altered be sure to do so with the exact shoes that you’ll be wearing.

Assign someone to help you with your train/veil - Ask a bridesmaid or your maid of honor to assist in keeping your train properly positioned and your dress aligned correctly.

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