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How to stay calm the week before your wedding

You need to find a way to make this time less stressful so you can actually relax and enjoy your wedding.
Jan. 17, 2014 | By: The staff

The week before your wedding can be one of the most stressful times in your life. The plans are culminating and you’ve got a thousand things on your mind. Your hormones are fluctuating and you’re likely a little edgy. You need to find a way to make this time less stressful so you can actually relax and enjoy your wedding. Everyone has a different idea of how to stay calm but here are some of the most popular:

Exercise – It’s a proven fact that exercise can actually help your body deal with stress. Daily exercise will keep your mind clear as well. Try to choose an exercise that you enjoy and one that will force you not to think about the wedding. Your day will instantly become easier and less stressful.

Get Plenty of Rest – As much as there is to do, you’ll feel better and get more accomplished when you’re well-rested. Aim for at least 7 hours per night. If you’re having trouble getting to sleep try drinking a cup of chamomille tea or warm milk to help you get sleepy. Take your mind off the wedding by watching a funny TV show or playing some soft music.

Get a Massage – A massage is a great way to let off some excess stress. A full body massage will get your muscles to relax deep inside and give you a peaceful feeling. With the physical stress gone you’ll be feeling much more able to conquer the rest of the week.

Plan your Days – A well-planned week will give you the structure you need during these busy days. With everything written down you’ll be sure not to overlook anything important so you can relax. Sticking to a plan helps you gain more time for yourself, too.

Try Yoga – Yoga is a perfect way to lower your stress level and feel more relaxed. Try some easy yoga poses that even beginners can master. Use a yoga DVD for a quick lesson you can follow along with.

Meditation – Simple meditation techniques will help you calm down. Meditation teaches you to breathe more naturally and will open up a way for you to take charge of what’s happening in your life. Walking meditations are great because they combine exercise with calming your mind.

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