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How to pick the best jewellery for your wedding

Once you have the wedding gown picked out it’s time to decide on the jewellery.
May 28, 2014 | By: The staff

Wedding accessories can be difficult to choose. You’ll need to consider earrings and a necklace. The choice of these accessories is up to you. If the dress has a high cut front you may not require a necklace. Some other style dresses may not look good with a necklace.

The best way to know what accessories to choose is to try the dress on with various choices. You can get an idea of what may look good by starting with a photo of the dress. Then, look online and in magazines to see what jewellery will look good with it.

When picking earrings, your hairstyle will often dictate the type you choose. When you wear a sweptback style with your hair pulled away from your face your ears become more important. The style of the earrings may range from simple diamond studs to dangle styles. Your own preference will help you choose the ones that you like the best.

Try to avoid earring styles that vary greatly from the usual type of earrings you wear. This will only make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day and night. If choosing dangle earrings, make sure they aren’t too heavy. Heavy earrings will begin to hurt and pull after awhile and can give you sore, red ears.

The jewellery you pick shouldn’t overpower your dress or your face. Choose only a style that works well with your features. If you have a small face or tiny features stick to small earrings and necklace. A larger face can wear larger accessories. In fact, if you have a slightly larger sized face it’s best to wear jewellery that is slightly larger as well.

Make sure that the jewelry you wear looks expensive. It just shouldn’t have a cheap look to it but it doesn’t need to be costly. Keep your eye open for special sales and discounts. Some brides are lucky enough to be able to wear vintage jewellery that has been passed down in their families. If you do have the opportunity be sure to have the pieces cleaned and sanitized before using them. Check the clasps and mechanisms to be sure they won’t open or break while you’re wearing them as this could cause you to lose the precious items.

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