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How to shop for wedding bands

10 Tips to make shopping for your wedding bands a pleasant experience.
May 19, 2014 | By: The staff

Shopping for wedding bands is one of the first things you’ll do together as a couple once you’re engaged. Today, both men and women wear wedding bands. Wedding bands are worn on the ring finger of left hand because that finger is thought to have a vein that connects it to the heart. When shopping for wedding bands there are a few things to consider.

1.  Budget - Before you begin shopping, consider your budget. This will make it easier to look for rings within your price range.

2. Material - The most popular metals for wedding bands are gold, white gold, and platinum. The type you get will depend on the metal used for the engagement ring. For example, if the engagement ring is yellow gold you’ll also want yellow gold wedding bands to match.

3. Matching – Many couples want to have matching wedding bands. This is a matter of personal preference and depends on what the couple likes.

4. Engagement Ring – Many women’s engagement rings come as a set with a wedding ring. In this case, women can choose to use this ring or may opt for a different ring. Make sure that you try on the wedding band with the engagement ring to be sure that it fits together properly.

5. Diamonds – Many wedding bands today have small diamonds in them. The diamonds may go around the entire band or may appear only in the top half. Pave settings are those that enclose the diamonds inside, keeping them secure.

6. Men’s wedding bands may also contain diamonds; however, they are typically confined to the top portion. You will notice a smaller number of diamonds and they are smaller in size as well.

7. Shop online – One good option for choosing wedding bands is to shop online. You can often save money by buying online. Do make sure that you know the size and weight of the ring before making a purchase.

8. Width of the ring – Wedding bands come in widths that are usually measured in millimeters. It is helpful to try on several different rings to determine the width that feels best and looks good. Sometimes men’s rings are wider than the similarly styled women’s ring.

9. Sizing – When sizing the wedding band be sure to try on a similar style in various sizes to make sure that you find the one that fits best. When your hands are hot or sweaty your fingers can swell, making it difficult to put your wedding band on.

10. Style – In general, wedding bands are much more simply styled than engagement rings. Many men prefer simple bands to those that are fancier or flashier. You can get some ideas of what you like by looking online or in bridal magazines.

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