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Tips for choosing bridal shower prizes

How to find bridal shower prizes that are creative, innovative and budget-friendly.
Jan. 20, 2014 | By: The staff

Bridal showers are great fun, if you plan ahead. Planning a bridal shower is a lot of work but it’s worth it for a fun time. You need to plan party games to keep the shower moving forward and to reduce boredom. Bridal shower prizes need to be innovative but yet can’t cost a lot of money. Finding these gifts can be challenging.

When choosing bridal shower prizes you want to consider the group that will be in attendance. If you have a wide variety of age groups you’ll want to find prizes that are universal. If you’re throwing a themed bridal shower, consider prizes that fit into the theme. For example, if the bridal shower is Hawaiian themed, choose prizes that are Hawaiian themed. Pick a jar of macadamia nuts, a set of coconut drinking glasses, or seashell picture frames.

Opt for bridal shower prizes that are fun and unique. They don’t need to be expensive but they should be somewhat fun and interesting. Think about the types of things that you’d like to get as a prize. The prizes aren’t expected to be anything really pricey but they also don’t need to be cheap junk. It’s important to have enough prizes to give out so that everyone that is in attendance gets at least one item. To this end, plan several games that allow prizes for the top three winners.

You can give out prizes in a number of ways. One fun way is to put all the prizes into a box and allow the winners to choose something without looking. This makes awarding the prizes fair. Another option is to place all the prizes on a table where everyone can see them. Then, when someone wins a game they can choose a prize from the table. You can choose to get prizes in several price-points if you like. That way, the winners of the hardest games will get the top prizes, yet everyone will walk away with some type of item.

If you’re at a loss for prizes, rely on the old standby – bottles of wine. You can include some bottles of non-alcoholic wine for those non-drinkers in the crowd. If you’re throwing a housewares party, make the gifts all houseware related. When throwing a co-ed shower consider gifts that are suitable for either men or women or items that are for couples.  Whatever prizes you choose you should shop for them well ahead of the time you need them. You can often find interesting items online but be sure to allow enough time for shipping.

Here are the top ten prize ideas for bridal showers:

1. Bottle of wine
2. Picture frame
3. Inexpensive jewellry
4. Candy dish
5. Candle
6. Scented body wash or bubble bath
7. Scarf
8. Hair clip or holder
9. Small plant
10. Gift card

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