wedding toast mistakes

Don’t make these wedding toast mistakes

Avoid these 12 wedding speech don'ts.
Feb. 21, 2014 | By: The staff

Wedding toasts can be difficult to give, especially for those who aren’t used to public speaking. The wedding toast only lasts a few minutes but it can bring hours of stress before the wedding. Wedding toasts don’t have to be stressful if you avoid these wedding toast mistakes.

Don’t make the toast too long. A short toast is better than one that drags on too long. Keep the speech short so people will pay attention to it.

Make it simple. You certainly don’t need to labour on about things that don’t pertain. Instead, make the speech simple and to the point.

Don’t try to make it too funny.  Too many jokes will backfire and end up making you and the bride and groom feel foolish. A simple joke is fine to help break the ice but don’t use the speech as your personal stand-up comedy stage.

Avoid making references that are too personal. If you’re going to talk about a specific incident be sure to give a brief explanation so that everyone in the room knows what you’re talking about.

Don’t make the speech impersonal. You do need to write the speech about the bride and groom personally.

Don’t forget to do your homework. If you need some information be sure to ask the parents or friends of the bride and groom.

Don’t improvise. Many people start their speech and then suddenly feel as if it’s too short and start to improvise. The problem is that this impromptu speech may go on to be boring or out of place.

Don’t fail to practice the speech. Rehearse the speech in front of a mirror to make sure that it sounds good. Make any adjustments to it as needed.

Don’t wait too long to write the speech. Putting off the speech until the last minute will result in a speech that sounds like it.

Don’t memorize the speech and give it word for word. Try to know what you’re going to say so that you can give the speech without sounding like a robot.

Don’t forget to use note cards. Write down the important points so that if you’re nervous you can easily remind yourself of what you intend to say.

Don’t lose track of your focus. Avoid drinking ahead of time so you can give the speech your full attention.

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