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Top 20 gifts to give your bridesmaids

It's tradition to give your bridesmaids a gift as a thank you for being part of the wedding party.
Feb. 14, 2014 | By: The staff

Your bridesmaids have suffered through a year or more of helping you plan your wedding and you need to thank them. It is traditional to give your bridesmaids a gift as a thank you for being part of the wedding party. There are many different choices for gifts. Bridesmaid gifts don’t need to be expensive. Keep your budget in mind and be sure to plan ahead because some items may need to be ordered or personalized.

1. Locket – For a more personal touch ask each of the bridesmaid’s mothers for a photo to put inside.  Choose a style that can be worn with the bridesmaid dresses.

2. Earrings – Buy each bridesmaid a pair of earrings that will coordinate with the dresses so they can wear matching earrings to the wedding.

3. Gift certificate – Gift certificates are perfect gifts because the recipient can purchase whatever they prefer. Choose a store that the ladies will like.

4. Massage/Spa day – A certificate for a massage or spa services will be a wonder gift that is greatly appreciated.

5. Monogrammed totes – The bridesmaids can use the totes to carry the important items they need to prepare for the wedding.

6. Engraved necklace – Choose a necklace that can be engraved with the name or initials of each of the bridesmaids.

7. A credit card gift card – This is a gift card that can be used at any store including online shops.

8. Swarovski crystal pin or earrings – These high-end crystals are beautiful and elegant.

9. Manicure and pedicure the day before the wedding – The bridesmaids will enjoy being pampered while getting ready for your wedding.

10.  Tiffany necklace – An upscale gift that most of the bridesmaids wouldn’t buy for themselves.

11. Perfume – Choose a fragrance for each bridesmaid that you know they’ll love or give a gift certificate to a perfume shop.

12. Coach or other designer keychain or coin purse – Have each one engraved with the bridesmaid’s name or initials.

13. Gift bags with makeup and other items – Create a gift bag that includes all kinds of makeup products.  This is a gift that they will enjoy for a long time to come.

14. China vase – Choose a vase that can be used for any type of flowers.

15. Personalized stationary – The bridesmaids will like getting stationary they can use that has their own personal initial or name.

16.  Shoes – provide the shoes that you want the bridesmaids to wear to the wedding. This helps defray some of the costs associated with being part of the wedding party.

17. Gift Certificate for a night at a hotel. This is a great way to thank your bridesmaids for their service to you.

18. Magazine subscription – Give a subscription to a popular women’s magazine. Give the current copy with a note that indicates the subscription.

19. Dinner for Two – Provide each bridesmaid a gift certificate from a local eatery so they can take their spouse for a nice night out.

20. Bottle of wine and wine glasses – Choose a type of wine each bridesmaid likes. Add two personalized glasses and pack in a cute picnic basket.

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