strapless wedding gown workout

Getting your body ready for the strapless wedding gown

A work-out routine to get your arms, shoulders and back looking perfect for your strapless wedding dress.
Feb. 12, 2014 | By: The staff

Let’s face it, strapless wedding gowns are very popular right now. You’ve chosen a strapless gown and now, with the wedding approaching, you want to look your best. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the strapless gown looks good on almost every body type. Regardless, you may want to try some exercises to tone your upper arms, shoulders, and back areas to make them look as beautiful as possible.

Tone Your Arms

Reduce any flab in your arms by doing some toning exercises. You don’t need fancy equipment in order to keep your arms toned. Use simple hand weights to exercise the arm muscles.

Lift weights – Freestyle weights work well for these exercises. Simply raise and lower your arms while holding the weights. Increase the number of times you lift them and add to the amount of time you hold the weights up before dropping your arms.

Arm circles – These are super-easy to do and they actually work to tone your upper arms. Vary between large and small circles and continue to increase the number of circles you do each time.

Push ups – These help to strengthen your arms and your core at the same time. Start with 5 per set and work your way up as your stamina and strength improve.

New gadgets designed to tone the arms – Try using a shake weight or similar gadget to tone your arms more quickly.

Isometric exercises

Give your back muscles a good look by trying some isometric exercises. Isometric exercises use your own weight to provide resistance. This resistance makes your muscles work harder and tones them up. Use a chair and the wall to provide the tension needed to tone your body.

Sculpt the Shoulders

Keeping the shoulders and back toned will go a long way towards looking good in your strapless gown. Standing up straight is also helpful in making your wedding dress fit properly. Various types of weight machines are helpful in toning these areas of the body. To avoid bulge in the back of the gown be sure to have the dress properly altered so it looks its best.

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