Multiple wedding dresses

Multiple wedding dresses?

Learn why many brides today are wearing more than one wedding dress.
Jan. 8, 2014 | By: The staff

More and more brides are choosing to have more than one wedding dress.  There are two main reasons for getting more than one dress – for wardrobe changes and for an action photography shoot. These trends are becoming popular all across the country.

Wardrobe Change

Brides traditionally wore their wedding dress to the church and reception. Today, many brides are choosing to change clothes once or twice during the event. The first dress is the main wedding dress and the one that you’ll use for the ceremony. After the ceremony and photos, many brides are choosing to change into another dress. This wedding dress is less formal and may not have a train on it. It is a more comfortable dress yet is still quite fancy.

Some brides take this a step further by opting for yet another wedding dress. This one is typically a short dress; however, it’s still elegant. This dress is often for dancing and letting loose after the formalities of the reception have been completed. It’s important to note that each dress doesn’t have to be expensive. The first dress is the one that is the most formal and the one that will be used for the main photos.

Action Photography Shoot

Many couples are opting to have action photos taken. These photos are sometimes called “trash the dress” photos because they show the bride doing something that actually dirties or destroys their wedding dress. For example, a recent couple got a photo shoot of them jumping into a lake while wearing their wedding attire. You can get a really interesting and unique photo shot but you need to have an extra wedding gown.

Think about the most fun and interesting thing that you and your groom enjoy doing. Then, consider taking a wedding photo doing what you love. Some couples have done things like horseback riding, skiing, bungee jumping, swimming, skateboarding, and mountain climbing. These photo shoots are best done using a second wedding gown that is less expensive than the actual gown you wear for your wedding. If this is something you might like to do talk to your wedding photographer. The photographer can suggest some settings that would make for an interesting and fun photo.

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