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13 Summer wedding makeup tips

How to make sure the heat and humidity doesn't take its toll on your wedding makeup.
Jul 17, 2013 | By: The staff

Summer is the most popular time of year for weddings. The weather is warm, the flowers are in bloom, and everything is more alive. Summer weddings can prove to be great; however, the heat and humidity can take its toll on your wedding makeup. In order to be sure that you don’t end up with streaky makeup running down your face keep these tips in mind.

1) Keep your makeup simple. You don’t need to wear a heavy liquid base. Instead, opt for a lighter powder base or choose one of the newer mineral based makeup.

2) Use a base on your face, eyes, and lips. A base will help the makeup adhere better to the skin’s surface so it won’t be as likely to run or droop.

3) Choose water-based makeup rather than oil based. Oil based makeup tends to slide down, especially in the heat. A water-based makeup will soak into the skin and become a part of your face.

4) Don’t overdo the eye makeup. It’s also important to use waterproof products – including mascara, liner, and shadow. These will stand up the best to heat and humidity without running down your face.

5) Use powder to set your makeup. A thin layer of powder in a translucent shade will hold your makeup in place. It also helps to absorb any moisture. You can reapply the powder as needed throughout the day.

6) Use sunscreen under your makeup. If you prefer, you can choose makeup that contains sunscreen.

7) Apply cucumbers or eye coolant the night before your wedding to help reduce any puffiness.

8) In summer it’s best to use powder eye shadow rather than crème. This makes a better surface that won’t smudge or run as easily.

9) Use a makeup colour that matches your skin tone. Keep in mind that if you have a tan you’ll need to choose a darker colour than normal.

10) Use concealer sparingly. It tends to be rather greasy and your makeup may slide off of it as the heat of the day progresses.

11) If you’re having an outdoor wedding be sure to apply makeup in natural light. Otherwise you won’t get a true reading of how you look.

12) Choose lighter, more natural shades for your daytime ceremony. Add some smoky highlights to your eyes for the evening reception.

13) Assign a friend or relative to assist with your makeup throughout the day. Provide them with a small makeup case that contains all of your makeup items so you can easily touch up your look throughout the night.

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