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How to make a grand entrance at your wedding reception

Creative idea's to make your introduction memorable and entertaining.
Feb. 17, 2014 | By: The staff

The bride and groom are officially introduced for the first time at the reception. Making a grand entrance has become something of a new trend. The grand entrance is the time when the disc jockey or band leader introduces the bridal party and the married couple to the group. It’s an exciting moment and one that you want to make as memorable as possible. You can choose the way you enter and how much fanfare you want to have. No matter what you choose to do you can be sure that the people attending the reception are waiting for this special time.


The first thing you need to do is choose the song that will be played when you enter. This can be a lavish song or a simple tune but whatever you choose it should demonstrate your personality as a couple. Alert the DJ well in advance so he is sure to have the song that you want.


You can choose to have special lighting effects as part of the grand entrance. A small light show can add to the special drama of the entrance. The house lights need to be turned down for this so make sure that you know how to do this. A good tip is to assign a friend or family member to this task.

Special Effects

You can get as dramatic as you want with the grand entrance. For example, to create a more mysterious feeling you can use fog for drama. A light show combined with fog will make a very dramatic entrance. Be sure to get the approval of the venue ahead of time and be sure that there is enough ventilation. Other special effects may include sirens, flashing lights, and a drum roll.


You may want to consider a theme for the grand entrance. One recent example was a couple who used a Star Wars theme. The theme from the movie was played while a light show replicated the feeling of light sabers. Fog rolled in while the couple was introduced for the first time. The entire entrance had the feel of a production. If you choose a theme be sure that you can pull it off without it looking staged or cheesy.

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