edible wedding favours

Finding the perfect edible wedding favour

From fortune cookies to personalized candy bars here are 10 trendy wedding favour idea's.
Mar. 24, 2014 | By: The idoo.ca staff

Edible wedding favours are very popular these days. The trend towards offering guests something they can eat is a good option. No matter what the season or theme of your wedding you’ll find edible options that work well for you. Be sure to order them well in advance since many of them require personalization.

Personalized cookies – Order cookies with the bride and groom name on them or cookies dressed in a wedding dress and tuxedo. Cookies are individually wrapped and placed where guests can take them on their way out of the reception.

Traditional wedding cake – Have the caterer cut and package the cake in personalized boxes. Then, distribute one to each dinner guest.

Monogrammed chocolates – These are fun chocolate candies that are monogrammed with the couple’s names in frosting. Each chocolate is individually wrapped in a piece of cellophane.

Customized wrapped candy – Order candy that is placed into wrappers that have the bride and groom’s name and date of wedding printed on them.

Brownie or cake pops - Decorated with bride and groom motif, cake pops look like cute little brides and grooms. Place them onto stands that hold the sticks so the pop sticks out to make a fun decoration.

Picture lollipops – You can order lollipops that are created with the image of the bride and groom on them. These are fun for guests to take home.

Miniature wedding cakes – These little treats are tiny cupcakes that are made to look like small wedding cakes, décor and all. They are each placed into a small box so each guest can easily transport it.

Personalized candy bars – Order these traditional candy bars with a personalized label. The label is printed and placed onto real candy bars. Avoid chocolate candy favours for summer weddings because they will melt.

Fortune cookies – Have special fortune cookies made that contain the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. For some whimsy place the cookies into small Chinese takeout containers.

Theme related food items – When you have a themed wedding look for edible favours that are related to your theme. For example, use small personalized maple syrup for a Vermont wedding, chocolate seashells for a beach wedding, and hot sauce for a Texas wedding.

The idoo.ca staff.