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Top 10 travel tips for honeymooners

Travel tips that will keep you sane before you even leave home.
Jan. 3, 2014 | By: The idoo.ca staff

Honeymoon planning may sound idealistic and romantic in theory, but many couples find that they actually end up in a battle of wills over travel planning. While the travel agent may not offer up a honeymoon compatibility checklist, there are several travel tips that will keep you sane before you even leave home.

1. Plan Early

Going on a honeymoon is not something you want to throw together the last minute. It requires careful planning that should begin just a few short months after you begin planning your wedding. 

2. Stick to the Budget

When it comes to planning a honeymoon, similar to taking a big vacation, finances are important. A budget is important for the wedding and it should also be important for the honeymoon. When a budget gets out of bounds, arguments could begin.

3. Determine the Length of Your Stay

The length of stay on your honeymoon may be decided by how many vacation days you and your spouse to be have off from work. A few days, long week-end or couple of weeks may be in order. 

4. Choose the Destination Wisely

It is important to determine where you both want to go and where you would both be compatible. If you hate warm weather, but your groom-to-be loves the sun, the equator may not be the place to go. Come to some common ground and head there. 

5. Familiarize Yourself with the Destination

By familiarizing yourself with the destination you will also be able to plan ahead when it comes to packing. Heading to Belize during the rainy season or Alaska in the summer? You need to know how to dress and what to bring.

6. Create a Mutual Itinerary

If one of you wants to water ski while the other is planning on shopping, you may end up in a disagreement before the first week of marriage ends. Create a mutually compatible itinerary that best suits you both.

7. Invest in Travel Insurance

This is an often over-looked tip but can save you a lot of time, money and heartache. Some honeymoon clauses allow for cancellation at the last minute without suffering financial repercussions, in the event that somebody gets cold feet, or there is a family emergency.

8. Think All-Inclusive

One of the best ways to travel for honeymooners is all-inclusive. This means that the resort or hotel you are staying at will provide your food and drinks at a flat-rate. These resorts are geared toward romance and convenience.

9. Pack Light and Airy

You will be bringing home lots of souvenirs, so it is best to pack light so that there is room to shop without having to pay hefty luggage overage fee's.

10. Do It Together

Some of the biggest mistakes can occur when communication is missed of the planning is left to just one person. Work together in planning your venture and enjoy the task.

The idoo.ca staff.