personalize your wedding ceremony

The top 10 ways to personalize your wedding ceremony and make it your own

You can turn a mundane and typical wedding into a spectacular, yet personal event, with a few tricks.
Jul 4, 2014 | By: The staff

Why settle for traditional nuptials when you can personalize your wedding ceremony and make it your own? Modern couples are looking for new and unique ways to create a wedding ceremony that reveals who they are as a couple. You can turn a mundane and typical wedding into a spectacular, yet personal event, with a few tricks. 

1. Write Your Own Vows
While this may not seem as unique as one might think, you can’t get any more personal than sharing your heart and soul in the form of your wedding vows. Think from the heart and get creative. A poem may even be a nice touch if you are feeling extra creative.

2. Bring it to the Beach
Many couples exchange vows on the beach, but why not make the ceremony even more unique by lighting candles, tossing a wedding-blessed message in the bottle or sailing away in a large boat. The beach offers a wide number of ways to personalize your wedding.

3. Toss A Coin
Instead of having every element of the wedding spelled out on the itinerary, let the best man toss a coin and see who gets to say their wedding vows first. This should bring a few laughs.

4. Bring in Your Four-Legged Friend
Who doesn’t love to see a furry friend at the wedding? Incorporate a wagon and a ring bearer and you may bring a whole new meaning to the word ‘hitched.’

5. Personalized Sweets
Try something different, aside from the traditional wedding cake, by personalizing cupcakes specially made for the guests. A cupcake centerpiece with tuxedo and wedding gown toppers or monogrammed decor are sure to make a hit.

6. Unique Petal Shades of Colour
Is your husband a huge sports fan or both of you looking to show some sentiment for your alma mater? Incorporate the colours into your bouquet to add something personal. 

7. Party Horns and Pizzazz
You can bypass the bubbles and birdseed and pass out party horns or kazoos to your guests in honour of the celebration. When exiting the venue, blow away!

8. Incorporate the Seasons
Getting married in winter, around the holidays or even in the spring? Incorporate holly, ivy, poinsettias or even oak leaves to recognize the season.

9. Hand-Paint the Aisle Runner
Why settle for plain white when you and your bridesmaids can get artistic and paint your aisle runner. If budget allows, have it professionally done or hire an art student from the local university.

10. Leave In Style
Instead of the traditional limo ride or stretch hummer, leave in style on the back of horse, carriage or even helicopter. The key is to leave the guests with something dramatic and personal to remember the wedding by. 

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