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Top 10 summer wedding décor ideas

Creative decor idea's for a beautiful & colourful summer wedding.
Jun 6, 2014 | By: The staff

Summer weddings can be quite fun and allow you to explore many different types of decorating ideas. Whether you’re getting married outdoors or indoors you can choose wedding décor to match your theme. 

1.  Flowers
A summer wedding should celebrate bright flowers. Choose flowers that are large to provide a nice impact. Opt for flowers that are in season in the summer such as sunflowers, daisies, hydrangea, and chrysanthemums. Brightly coloured flowers add a wonderful punch of color to tables.

2.  Twinkle Lights
Delicate twinkle lights always add a romantic feel to any space. You can hang the lights strategically in the room or intersperse them onto tables. Small, white lights are certainly a fast, easy, and affordable way to create a great wedding atmosphere. 

3.  Fresh and Live Herbs
Herbs are wonderful as décor because they not only look good but they also smell good as well. You can create easy herb gardens and herb and flower baskets to put on every table. These can be sent home with guests so they can enjoy fresh herbs in their recipes.

4. Romantic Candles
Candles have long been thought of as romantic. It’s no wonder that adding some candles to the décor will improve the ambiance. Choose candle holders that are safe and will properly contain the drippings of the candles (round clear glasses work great for this). Light the candles before the guests arrive and then keep the lights turned low to enjoy the candlelight.

5.  Beach Theme
Make a fun, informal décor by using things from the beach. Fill large clear vases with shells to make beautiful beachy centerpieces. Use driftwood to add more interest to the tables. Keep the choices fun yet upscale.

6. Colour Combinations
Opt for summer colour combinations that make a wonderful, fresh theme. Think about putting green and coral together or try combining orange and lime. Choose colours that coordinate with your bridesmaids dresses.

7. Nature-Inspired Décor
Use decorations from things found in nature. Use wood, shells, flowers, herbs, and other things that are natural. You can combine the elements in unusual and interesting ways to create fun and economical decorations.

8. Fresh Fruit
Nothing spices up a table more quickly than an arrangement that uses fresh fruits and flowers. Bright lemons or oranges are colourful and can be used with similarly coloured flowers to create unique arrangements that guests will enjoy. The result is a simple yet elegant presentation.

9. Fish
Add some super-fun whimsy to your tables by using live goldfish centerpieces. These are really great for informal weddings and outdoor weddings. This does take some planning but you can easily pull it off. Make sure that the glass bowls are filled with fresh, clean water right before placing them on the tables. Place one bright goldfish in each bowl. You can get creative by stacking the bowls.

10. Tone on Tone Colours
One of the freshest ways to create an elegant summer décor is by using tone on tone colours. Choose your main colour and then compliment it with other hues in the same colour family. This gives a clean, bright look to the table.

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