How to announce your engagement

How to announce your engagement

Congratulations! You are now engaged and it is time to share the news with loved ones and friends.
Jan. 27, 2014 | By: The staff

While your wedding will no doubt showcase your personality, your engagement announcement can too. It is time to think outside the box and reveal your engagement in a way that leaves jaws dropped. Here are a few ideas.

Social Network Nuptials

It may be easier to announce your engagement on the web, especially if you have 1,000 friends on Facebook or 500 followers on Twitter. Sharing the news can be done with ease and efficiency. Simply post a candid photo of your ring with a catchy caption, “I said…YES!”

Throw a Party

Are you already known as the entertaining couple, or lives of the party? If so, your friends and family won’t think anything of it when you gather them together at a cocktail lounge or favourite restaurant. Wait until the meal is half over before you tap the glass and grab their attention. A champagne toast to reveal the news is always a nice touch.

Blend in with the Festivities

Not wanting to draw attention to yourselves or make a big to-do? Try making your engagement announcement over the holidays. Your family and loved ones will already be together focused on the holiday festivities, so why not add to the delight by announcing your engagement. 

Make It a Movie Night

Invite your friends over for a movie and pop-in the candid shots of you accepting his proposal. This is only effective if you have taken footage of your engagement, so make sure you someone has a video camera. Your friends and family will love seeing the event and feel like they were a part of the engagement proposal. Then end the night with champagne service and lots of popcorn.

Get Personal and Virtual

Odds are you are bubbling with enthusiasm and down-right goofy over the engagement, so why not send out a video e-card that showcases the event, or the announcement. If you weren’t prepared the night of the engagement with a video camera in hand, try making a video e-card that captures just how happy you two are while making the announcement to friends and family. Once complete, send out a mass e-mail including the video and get ready for the phone to start ringing off the hook. 

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