preserving wedding dress

How to preserve your wedding dress

Tips for keeping your dress in great shape.
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Wow! What a party! What a night!

It’s the day after your wedding, and you’re preparing for your life as a married woman. But your dreams of preserving your wedding dress may be dashed if you don’t take care of it right away. This may be tricky if you’ve left from your reception straight to the airport for your honeymoon. But with a little planning ahead of time, even in this situation, your dress can be taken care of.

What’s the rush?

The first danger to the long-term preservation of your dress is staining. These could be from wine and food from the reception dinner, sweat from a long night of dancing, or dirt and mud from your train dragging on the ground. Dabbing (not rubbing!) the stains with lukewarm water or vinegar can help if you’ve caught the stain quickly enough. If you’re afraid that you’ll do more harm than good in spot cleaning your dress, take it to a professional cleaner. If even then they’re unable to remove the stain, you can also try a fabric conservator. Stains aside, the dress should be cleaned as soon as possible before storing.

This should be done in the few days after the wedding. If you’re leaving on your honeymoon right away, make plans with a bridesmaid or your mother to meet you after you’ve changed your clothes to pick up the dress before you leave. Time is of the essence, because once the stains set in, there is little chance of them coming out.

Preservation basics

Traditional methods of wedding dress storage can actually do more harm than good. While cedar chests can keep away bugs, they are highly acidic and can ruin the material anyway. Wrapping a dress in plastic can trap in moisture and cause mold and mildew. Dresses can be hung on padded hangers, but they shouldn’t if they’re too heavy, too beaded, or even too shear.

The best way to preserve your dress for the long-term is placing it in an acid-free box with acid-free white tissue paper. Colored tissue papers can transfer the dye onto the dress. The boutique where you bought the dress can give you tips on how to fold your dress properly.

Do not store your dress in a basement or an attic. Extreme temperatures or moisture levels can ruin your dress. The best place to store your boxed dress is in a closet in the living space of your home.

Follow these steps, and you might feel the pride when a young lady in a future generation wants to wear Grandma’s dress in her wedding, too! staff.