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Tips for keeping your makeup looking cool when it’s hot

A few tips to keep your looking your best all day and night long.
Jun 18, 2011 | By:

I’ve seen wedding ceremonies last anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours. However, as most brides and bridesmaids know, a wedding isn’t just the time during the actual service. For morning and evening weddings alike, wedding prep is a long affair, with little events and photo ops along the way.

One wedding I particularly remember was when I was a bridesmaid for my best friend in high school. It was a particularly warm, sunny day in November in Florida, and she had treated us all to getting our hair and makeup done that morning. The wedding wasn’t until that afternoon, so we had to save our makeup through not only the warm weather, but also a change of clothes, so there were plenty of chances for us to accidentally mess up our makeup.

Here are a few things I remember from that day that helped keep us looking sharp throughout the heat of the day:

Use high-quality makeup:

Most high quality makeup is made to withstand the glaring lights and hard work that actors use on stage or on the set. That means it can withstand sweat and a lot of activity.

Going to have your makeup professionally done in a spa or salon is one way to assure that you’re going to have high quality makeup on all day. But if your wedding schedule doesn’t have time for this, then go ahead and treat yourself to buying some high quality makeup. The good news about spending a few extra dollars for the best makeup available is that it’s not like so many wedding-day expenses that get used once and are thrown aside or used up. That $30 you’ll spend on one lipstick won’t be thrown out at the end of the day, and you’ll have some great makeup to treat yourself for the next little while after your wedding.

Dab, don’t wipe

Crying is often a part of weddings, so tissues are usually nearby. If you’re prone to sweating when it’s hot outside (or, let’s face it, when you’re inside), make sure you keep tissues handy. On top of having a tissue in your hand, make sure you gently dab away sweat instead of wiping. This won’t mean you won’t take off any makeup, but there’s a much less chance of smearing or taking off too much.

Keep vigilant

No matter how well you try to keep your makeup fresh, you’ll probably need a touch-up here or there during the course of your wedding day. Keep a small satchel of important items (lipstick, foundation, a mirror, applicators) nearby so you can check yourself a few times during the day. It’s probably the best way to win the war of a losing battle. staff.