His tuxedo: Rent or buy?

To rent your tux or buy your tux? This is the question.
Feb. 17, 2012 | By:

For most men, the decisions they need to make about their own wedding are few and far between. (Yes, ladies – your man does not want to sit in a boutique for hours to pick out what floral pattern should be on your invitations. He’s humoring you.) However, there is one important decision that falls squarely on the groom: The tuxedo.

We’re not talking about style choices here. (The bride may have something to say about that.) We’re talking about whether to rent or buy a tuxedo.

This is a dilemma that does have some financial ramifications, especially for your groomsmen. Because fully decked-out tuxedos with all the trimmings can run upwards of $700 to $1,000, it would be unfair to expect your groomsmen to spend this kind of money to match your outfit. If you choose to buy your tuxedo, make sure your groomsmen know that they do not have to follow your lead.

Renting a tuxedo is a much cheaper alternative for a one-time shot. If you see that your wedding will be the only formal event that you will attend in the next few years, spending about $100 is a much better investment. However, if you know you’re going to be honored as a groomsman, or going to a black-tie gala, sometime in the near future, it may be a better investment to buy.

Also, the more style-conscious man may want to consider renting a tuxedo. A tuxedo bought today may be out of fashion in five years when it may be needed again. However, there are many traditional styles of tuxedo that never seem to look bad no mater what the calendar says. Keep to the traditional if you’re looking to buy.

When it comes to buying or renting the younger attendant’s tuxedos, such as the ring bearer or ushers, it is always better to rent. Young children grow quickly, so a tuxedo bought for a 6-year-old in January may not even fit him by August. There’s no sense in buying a $500 children’s tuxedo that won’t fit in a year, no matter how you try to alter it.

So do you buy or rent? It really just boils down to the investment you’re willing to make. If you see yourself using your tuxedo more than once or twice, than buying is the best option. If your wedding will be the last time you ever want to put on formalwear, than renting will probably be best for you.

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