Hot hairstyles for hot weddings

Planning a summer wedding? Here are a few of the hottest hairstyles that will help you keep your cool.
May 16, 2011 | By:

Summer is a popular time for weddings. More people are able to schedule trips or time off in the summer and daylight seems to last forever. You’re also almost guaranteed warm weather, which is great for outdoor weddings – but not so great for your hair on your wedding day.

Short of cropping your hair to a tight cut (and, believe me, your groom will be none too happy if you change too far from the way he knows you for your wedding), here are some styles to combat hot weather to help your (and your bridesmaids’) hair stay stunning throughout the festivities.

The twisted updo

This style has proven to be quite popular from the local wedding right on up to the red carpet in Hollywood. Probably the most recognizable person who has sported the twisted updo is country musician Taylor Swift, whose personality matches this sassy style. This is a great style for those with long, curly hair, as it cuts down on some of the styling necessary in the front.

For this style, the back of the hair is put in a ponytail, then loosely twisted up to the back of the head, then pinned in place. The front of the hair is left with locks that frame the face. These can either be straightened or curled for an added touch.

The messy updo

Just like with the twisted updo, the idea of getting the hair off the back of your neck and shoulders will help keep your core temperature down, which will help you survive a hot summer day in formalwear.

One hairstyles that has become fashionable in the last few years is the messy updo. This is not only a great look, but it also won’t show when it starts to fall a bit by the end of a busy day. This can be a quick style for everyday wear, but can also be spent a bit more time on to create a wedding-day look as well. This style basically involves creating three uneven ponytails and lifting them to become an uneven bun. This style also allows for face framing like with the twisted updo.

The French twist

So when my best friend from high school surprised us, her bridal party, with a treat to have our hair and makeup done on her wedding day, she also surprised us that we were all getting updos. Seriously? With this hair?

I have very thin, very wiry, very curly hair that usually sits right off my shoulders. I was really interested to hear what the stylist was going to do with this mop. Amazingly, she suggested a French twist. My hair was teased to within an inch of its life (I have the picture to prove it), then styled in the classic style. For those with medium-length, unmanageable hair like mine, this was a perfect look.

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