The summer of colour

Getting married this summer? Here are this season’s hottest colour combinations.
Apr. 25, 2012 | By:

Choosing the wedding theme colours can be one of the most complicated decisions a bride has to face. There are many ways a bride can choose her colours, from traditional colours based on the season to combinations based on her choice of flowers.

Today, brides are no longer constrained by tradition. Choosing warm colours in the spring or pastel colours in the winter will not be looked on as ridiculous (although you may hear a few whispered grumblings from a few of your older guests).

Here are a few colour combinations that will create beautiful visual interest for your guests and provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding reception this summer.

Pastel pink and blue – You will never go wrong with this classic yet beautiful combination. The traditional colours representing boy and girl make an excellent combination, especially in the spring. You’ll also be able to find plenty of decorations, invitations, flowers and favours in these two colours.

Champagne and brown – Champagne is a traditional wedding colour, and looks stunning paired up with the neutral brown spectrum. This gives a wonderful look for fall weddings. Not only will this produce a beautiful reception hall, it also gives you great choices for your bridesmaids to wear neutral colours for the ceremony.

Mint and pink – These two colours are an eye-popping combination. The subtle colours won’t make anything or anyone in your bridal party look like a neon sign. You’ll also be able to find natural flowers matching this combination.

Coral and light blue – This is a popular combination for beach themed weddings. But don’t be afraid to take it inland in the summer to give yourself a destination wedding in your backyard. This summery duo look great together and either can be used as the dominant colour without blinding the other.

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