The centre of attention

Go beyond the basics to create stunning and eye-catching table centrepieces
Apr. 22, 2012 | By:

Centrepieces are a nice touch for your wedding reception tables, especially if the event includes a sit-down dinner, or even just tables where your guests will sit and eat hors d’oeuvres. However, nobody has ever come away from a wedding saying, “I’ll never forget those centrepieces! They were the highlight of the evening!”

With that in mind, you don’t have to break the bank to have a nice centerpiece for your reception. Here are some ideas for easy ways to create a nice display for your tables.

Ask your caterer – Many professional caterers have centrepieces available for rent. They may even be included with the price of their service. You may not get something that exactly matches your colour scheme, but they may have enough basic items that you can combine with your own additions (coloured votive candles or ribbons) so you can customize them to your taste. Because someone else is providing the centerpiece, this is the easiest no-fuss way to deal with these decorations.

Rent the equipment – Most cities have either a wedding or party rental store that has equipment for reception centrepieces. These stores have a wide variety of vases, candle holders, mirrors, faux flowers, and other accessories. Also, if you’re unsure how to create a centerpiece, a store employee will be happy to give you ideas or pointers. This will save you from ending up with 20 vases that you’ll probably never use again.

Cheap doesn’t (necessarily) mean tacky – If you’re thinking about buying your centerpiece equipment, try your local discount store, dollar store or wholesale warehouse. Even if you can’t find all the equipment you’re looking for at these stores, you’ll certainly be able to find some of the things, such as candles.

Keep it simple – You don’t have to have a huge bouquet of fresh flowers in antique crystal vases set out on every table. A centerpiece can be as simple as a strip of fancy ribbon curved in an S shape with two electric votive candles surrounded by wedding confetti. Your patrons will be thankful that you didn’t put up a roadblock to dinner conversation by having to dodge a three-foot high centerpiece.

Have a bit of fun – When you’re setting out the centrepieces, place a disposable camera on each table. Allow your guests to take some fun photos during the reception. Your wedding photographer is usually trying to capture the wedding party, so this is a great way to make sure you have lasting memories of your guests as well. Also, placing the party favors for your guests at each place setting is a great way to make sure they’re distributed.

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