Sizzling spring and summer bridesmaids

Make the most of spring and summer weddings with these hot bridesmaid colour combos
Apr. 25, 2011 | By:

After a long, cold, dreary winter, people always seem to be ready for a change in the weather. The spring is a time of renewal, with tons of flowering plants, while the summer is a time of vibrancy that is full of life.

This is why many weddings are scheduled during these times. Spring and summer make for a colourful backdrop to a ceremony. Brides often set their colour schemes to match the colour of the season.

Here are some colours you may ask your bridesmaids to wear in order to bring the beautiful colours of spring and summer into your wedding ceremony.


Neutral browns – The brown palette may not seem bright and cheerful, but it is an excellent alternative to black (black is no longer taboo for bridesmaids, but some brides are still uncomfortable with it). This gives your brides a colour that looks great on just about everyone, and can be paired with other spring colour accents, like yellow flowers or sashes. Colours include coffee, mocha, toffee and truffle.

Blues and greens – Light blues and light greens positively scream spring. These classy traditional colours work wonderfully in either a formal church wedding or a non-traditional outdoor wedding. Keep the colours light, such as seafoam, mint, or baby blue, as darker blues and greens are better for fall weddings.

Purple – Almost every shade of purple is perfect for a spring wedding. Deep purples are perfect for traditional Christian weddings around Easter, as purple is a colour associated with this holiday. Purple is also a colour associated with royalty, and your bridesmaids will make a great statement in this regal colour.


Coral – Especially for beach weddings, cool coral is a wonderful colour for those hot summer nights. Coral can be matched with baby blues to give a vibrant spectrum.

Pinks and reds – Although red dresses for your bridesmaids may be a bit over the top, they don’t have to be shockingly red. Deep reds are great for formal weddings, while the pink spectrum suits any occasion.

Sunset colours – The warm colours of a summer sunset is perfect for your bridesmaids. Dusky purples and warm oranges will go great in a summer wedding.

No matter what colour you choose, make sure you consider the colour tones that look great on all of your bridesmaids. When your bridesmaids look great, so do you. (Don’t think that if they don’t look their best, it’ll make you look better.) If two of your attendants are springs and one is a winter, it’s best to go with a neutral colour.

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