Budgets for bridesmaids

When it comes to your wedding party, do you know who pays for what?
Jun 7, 2011 | By:

Tradition states that the bride’s family pays for the wedding and reception, but the bride’s attendants are usually expected to pay their own expenses.

Here is a breakdown of what the bridal party is expected to pay for:

Before the wedding

Dresses and shoes – Bridesmaids and the maid of honour are expected to pay for their own dress and shoes.

Bridal shower – The host of the party is expected to pay for the bridal shower. This is usually hosted by the maid of honour or the bridesmaids.

Bachelorette party – There are no set rules for who pays for the bachelorette party. Unlike the bridal shower, it is not considered rude to ask for participants to pay their own way if it’s a night on the town, or BYOB if it’s a party at home. However, it is polite to make sure this is expressly stated on the invitation.

At the wedding

Transportation and lodging – If bridal party members are coming from out of town, they are expected to pay for their own lodging and transportation. However, there are ways to ease this burden. The bride’s family usually reserves a block of rooms at a local hotel for out-of-town guests, and the bridesmaids can take advantage of this. Also, bridal party members – even if they’re local – can split the bill to share one room and make it a bonding experience.

Hair and makeup – It is considered a courtesy for the bride to pay for her attendants’ professional hair and makeup on the day of the wedding. Although this is not required, the bride usually does this as a “thank you” for the work that they’ve put into making her day special.

Financial concerns

Being a member of a bridal party is an honour. It means the bride considers someone as one of her best friends and wants that person to be a part of her special day. However, the bride should take into consideration her bridal party’s financial situations.

The bride (or her family) should try to discretely assist any bridesmaid who may be financially strapped. She should try to choose dresses that are in everyone’s price range. A great bridesmaid gift idea is to give matching jewelry. 

Remember, weddings are more about celebrating with friends and family, not how extravagant a party you can give. A bride should not let money come between her and her best friends on the big day.

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