Say it with flowers

How to deck the reception hall with boughs of flowers – on a budget
Mar. 16, 2012 | By: Lindsey Marshall

Budgeting flowers for your reception can be a very challenging task, but there are plenty of ways to keep the costs down while still decorating your wedding to match your dreams.

If possible, move your flowers from the ceremony to the reception. This is always a great way to keep costs down and have a multi-purpose for your beautiful arrangements.

Having flowers placed into water can also cut down the number of blooms you need to buy.

“There’s an optical illusion when flowers get submerged in water; things look larger,” says wedding planner Wendy Lee. Submerging rose heads in cylinder vases and grouping them in clusters can create this money-saving trick.

Reusing your wedding ceremony aisle markers as reception centrepieces is also an idea to look into. “Dot the wedding ceremony aisle with slim tall vases with floating candles and then cluster them together for table centerpieces,” says Lee. Rose petals can also be scattered around the base of the vase clusters.

By adding twigs and other long grasses, you can make arrangements look larger and more enhanced. “This can be a DIY project that can be done a couple of days in advance,” says Lee. Doing a composition arrangement with greens only is also effective. For example, take long greens, like the leaves of an aspidistra plant and lily grass, and weave them together to fill a vase.

You can also choose types of leaves that will leave a great visual appeal. “Use a couple of large tropical leaves to make a statement so you don’t need as many floral blooms for centerpieces,” said Lee.

Eye-catching centerpieces to decorate the reception do not always have to come at an added cost. There are many ways to get more than your money's worth just by simple additives. 

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