Divine dessert delights

Forget vanilla! If you’re looking for a different kind of dessert, try one of these amazing, unique cake ideas.
Mar. 6, 2012 | By: Lindsey Marshall

The tiered cake is a traditional celebratory sweet at a wedding, but some couples are following their sweet tooth individuality by choosing something different that is still sure to be remembered.

Incorporating the couple’s personality is key, and for those who are thinking about swaying from the norm, there are many wedding cake alternatives to choose from.

Cupcakes and personal mini cakes are the most popular alternative that couples choose for their special day. “They are small and individual, and every guest is happy to eat a mini version of the cake,” says Barbara Accogli, baker, cake designer and co-owner of Cake Star, a company specializing in cakes for events of all types.

A smaller dessert can still incorporate your wedding theme just like a large cake would. “We can reproduce any type of design, like the lace on the wedding dress or the colour themes of the wedding,” says Accogli. Even photos can be printed on edible paper and incorporated onto cupcakes. 

Another out of the ordinary type of cake is the donut cake. This stacked, cake-shaped pile of donuts has become a popular dessert choice at weddings. 

Custom shaped cookies are also an option, and come in many sizes and presentation styles. “Cookies can be stacked to look like a mini wedding cake,” says Accogli. They can also be boxed so guests can take them home as a favour.

Wedding pies are a less expensive alternative choice. Instead of the standard chocolate or vanilla cake, wedding pies give your guests a variety of flavours to choose from and satisfy their taste buds.

Price is something to keep in mind if you are on tight budget. “Whenever a customer wants something different and non-traditional it generally requires more time for sketching, construction and custom shape,” says Accogli. Save money by ordering fewer servings. Even though you have a set number of guests, that doesn’t mean all of them will indulge in the dessert.

Follow your sweet tooth; spoil yourselves and your guests with something a little different on your special day.

Barbara Accogli, along with Monja Chiara, owns CakeStar, a Scarborough, Ont. based cake company specializing in cakes for events of all types.

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