Bridal day beauty

Want to avoid overdoing your makeup? Here are some tips to help you keep it simple and still look gorgeous.
Feb. 21, 2011 | By: Jill Kwasniak

Makeup plays a significant role when it comes to enhancing your features, especially on your big day. Having makeup that flatters your skin tone and overall look is essential.

Gayla Matos, wedding coordinator of Leave the Details to Me, says all brides-to-be should definitely consider going with a professional and doing a trial run. “Getting your makeup done professionally is absolutely important for your wedding day but you still need that trial,” She says. “You want to make sure you like it.”

Matos suggests that brides go easy on the makeup. “A lot of times brides think that they have to use special makeup because of the lighting or the photography but you still want it to be natural,” she says. “You want to have a glamorous but natural look about it.”

Waterproof mascara, eyeliner that doesn’t run and foundation that isn’t cakey are what Matos believes are key for the wedding day. Matos also says that professionals know best. “A good makeup artist will know based on your skin type whether you should use an oil-based or mineral-based foundation or what type of base of makeup you should use.”

Over the years, Matos has picked up some great makeup tips for brides, the bridal party and even the flowers! “A lot of brides use blotting papers when they’re out and about, especially if they have oily skin, or if it’s hot,” she says. “For hot days, a great little tip is the Evian spray water; it’s such a fine mist. I keep it in my emergency kit and I’ve used it many times just to cool the bridal party down and it doesn’t make them look wet. It also works great to refresh your flowers.”

Matos says overall it’s best to keep your makeup simple yet elegant. “I think most of the brides that I’ve dealt with are really trying to stick with a glamorous natural look,” she says. “It’s not overdone, but it’s a little more than what they would normally do. It’s just very classic looking.”

Gayla Matos is a wedding coordinator with Leave the Details to Me in Waterdown, Ont.

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