What’s your wedding style?

Not sure a formal, sit-down wedding is right for you? Here’s how to find the perfect wedding to match your personality.
Feb. 4, 2011 | By:

As similar as most weddings are, there are an endless string of variables you can tweak to show off your wedding style! Your wedding can be big or small, formal or informal, or whatever you choose. Really, the choice is yours and there’s no “right way” to have a wedding. Each style has its own strengths.

Even though you get to plan almost every detail of your wedding, remember that (for most weddings) someone else will be paying for it. Go over any budget restraints you have before deciding which direction to take your wedding. With that aside, it’s time to start planning!

Large, formal weddings are full of time-honoured traditions. If you like everything structured and traditional, this is the wedding style for you. This wedding will generally feature a large religious service at a house of worship or even at a special location, such as a beach or a resort. They’re generally followed by large receptions featuring a full-service meal. If it’s in your budget, a formal dinner with multiple courses would be an excellent way to celebrate the wedding.

Smaller formal weddings have much of the same structure as large formal weddings, but with less of the trappings. This will more likely take place in a house of worship or a reasonably priced location, such as a local community center. The wedding reception can either feature a small meal or heavy hors d’oeuvres. This is still a traditional wedding, just with much less pomp.

Informal weddings are great for those who wish to toss tradition out the window. Although they still can be religious in nature, they aren’t confined to the liturgy as a structured formal wedding. These weddings are easier than those who have budget constraints, and they’re also perfect for couples who may be on a second marriage. These weddings can be in someone’s backyard or at a theme restaurant, such as Medieval Times. The wedding reception can also be an informal potluck, or just a few catered hors d’oeuvres.

Any way you slice it, your style can shine on your wedding day. The possibilities are endless!

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